How SEO can help Cryptocurrencies get better online search visibility

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During the initial launch phase, SEO plays a vital role in helping to establish overall online visibility of said ICO. It is plain to see that the importance of SEO is carried over from launch to post ICO launch campaign. This is made apparent when looking at various aspects of your campaigns success.


First of all, all the while that your ICO campaign is going on, countless links to your website are going to be built and distributed around the web. This is of itself is a huge benefit.


All of these links are of a very high value to your ICO as they have the ability to lead to token sales. The better SEO tactics used while creating links will help make for an overall successful campaign.

Your brand and tokens gain exposure and citation every single time they are mentioned online. Whether on social media, comments, forums, or elsewhere. Every single time your ICO is mentioned, you are gaining credibility and building value for your brand. Token sales and brand name can be blown-up through proper SEO articles, comments, posts, and ICO related interviews.


Strategic use of SEO also helps to secure better online search visibility in other ways. SEO optimized social media accounts can help to raise thousands, even millions, of dollars. They also help to get hundreds and thousands of views for your ICO or blockchain startup.


Onpage SEO helps raise the overall quality of your website, creating fresh and high-ranking content, including targeted keywords, titles, SEO optimized descriptions, and headers, all of which raise your online search visibility in the long-run.


Offpage, SEO helps build other aspects of online searchability such as reputation, shares, history, and other social functions such as comments on social media and on forums associated with your ICO or blockchain or tech startup.


Posting strong SEO content directly onto your cryptocurrency website has more powerful benefits compared to posting on Medium.


This ensures that the value of your content will stay on your homepage and not giving it away to blogging platforms such as Medium.


Everyone knows that good content costs, and it takes time, so doing everything in your power to make the most of it is, of course, the goal. Proper SEO usage and content placing will massively affect the overall visibility of your project online.


In basics, post-ICO SEO helps your cryptocurrency gain better online visibility by referring domain links, SEO metrics, search engine rankings and traffic. While your ICO is still in startup mode, things to consider, aside from a strong and steady SEO strategy, is growth, future costs, and time.


Avoid following in the footsteps of countless unsuccessful cryptocurrencies.


Understanding and embracing proper SEO tactics before, during, and after ICO phase will enable your cryptocurrency to gain solid footing and far better online visibility than the competition.


Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

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