The Importance of SEO for ICO projects

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Using proper SEO strategy for new ICO projects being launched is an absolute must. It could be considered one of the most important aspects in fact. A new ICO needs to secure as much organic traffic as well, and proper SEO strategy is the most successful way for this to be made possible. SEO is much more than a simple vehicle for funding, it is also a means for building a foundation for your blockchain startup.


ICO websites tend to be short-term with a bunch of traffic.


Basic SEO techniques such as on-page and off-page optimization are just the beginning of the job. There are several SEO tasks which need to be accomplished in order to achieve optimal results. Competitor research, as well as in-depth keyword research, being two of the most important.


Researching your competitors is a giant step towards the success of your ICO. It is a popular practice to hire an SEO expert to do so, however, it can easily be done by using an SEO Keyword Researching tool as well. A quick google search will provide a host of them to choose from.


Finding out as much as you can about your competitors gives you a huge advantage. Learning their most successful keywords and Ad campaigns lead to a deeper understanding of which SEO techniques are yielding the most lucrative results. In basics, this aspect of SEO could be considered as running a recon mission on a powerful enemy. Enabling you to mimic their tactics as well as design your own vehicles to success based off of what is working for them.


Strong SEO practices will help your ICO to achieve higher rankings for crucial keyword queries in the cryptocurrency field, such as Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin and more. Good SEO searching techniques will help you to secure the right sort of data. Which in turn allows you to acquire numerous low-competition keywords and maximize results of both paid and organic ICO campaigns. Along the way, you will collect several great ideas for your next PPC campaigns as well as a strategy for superior content creation.


Great SEO is not just about discovering or collecting proper keywords for your ICO. It is also about using them in an optimal manner. Your data needs to be presented to search engines as well packaged highly meaningful content laced with powerful keywords. Correct keyword grouping is vital and will basically make Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other large search engines love your content.


Last but not least, let’s not forget about long-tail keywords for a more successful SEO content presentation. Using targeted long-tail keywords in keyword grouping fashion can yield far higher ranks with search engines than most people seem to realize. This is a tactic often overlooked, yet extremely effective if done right.


Many people involved with ICOs and blockchain startups seem to completely miss that true importance of SEO in their projects. A huge mistake if you ask me. Proper SEO can make up a huge part of any successful online based business’s long-term growth.


SEO is much more than just another tool to help get your ICO launched. It is a backbone to post ICO growth. SEO done right will not only get people hyped for your blockchain or tech bases startup, it also plays a big role in the long-term success of the said technology.

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