Why SEO is a better method of digital marketing because of the Facebook scandal

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By now nearly everyone has heard about the Facebook scandal. How 50 million+ of its users had their information stolen and abused. Due to this unfortunate event, the U.S. and European governments are inquiring further into the data that the social media giant keeps on it’s billion and a half daily users.

The governments aren’t the only ones interested. Digital marketers around the world are also curious as to how the rules of the online advertising game may be changing.


It is believed that Facebook may be too powerful as well as withholding valuable information to some digital marketers while indulging extremely lucrative advertising opportunities to others.


What does this spell for the future of SEO?

With advertisers, as well as potential customers, beginning to distrust this mega-platform, more and more attention is returning to search engines in general.


This is huge news for SEO agencies. It has been claimed that upwards of 97% of the worlds advertisements have turned into online ads and various forms of online sales campaigns over the past couple of decades. Recently, powerhouse companies such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram have become huge proponents of the SEO and marketing agencies. Partnering up to get content delivered directly to the most potential customers.


GEO-targeting and interest targeting have played a massive role in this sort of advertising up to this point. However, that may all be about to change. With the theft of millions of Facebook users information, people are beginning to become leery of clicking ads handpicked for them by social media companies based on their location and proven interests.


Again, this is great news for SEO and marketing agencies. It means that people are slowly returning to manually searching with major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. And that means more organic traffic and a resurgence in the importance of SEO on day to day advertising online.


In the wake of the scandal, the doors of opportunity have been thrown wide open for digital marketing companies to edge in on the competition that is Facebook. While many advertising companies are not exactly pulling out of the social media giants advertising opportunities just yet, people themselves are less likely to be a response as they were just six months ago. That being said, in another six months, it is highly likely that they will be even less interested in having ads hand delivered to them than they are now.


SEO is a crucial aspect to digital marketing, allowing potential customers to find your business, service or product, through major search engines more easily. Depending on SEO strength and strategy, as well as keywords, search engine ranking level, quality of content and more, your brand becomes more visible and easier to find than others.


Without engaging in proper SEO usage, it is virtually impossible to build the amount of organic traffic in today’s market for securing a high rank with search engines, even if your content is amazing. Great content alone is unfortunately not enough these days, your content must be SEO friendly in order for SE algorithms to find and rank it. With Facebook dropping the ball, they have damaged their reputation with online marketing agencies and have allowed SEO and digital marketing agencies to regain a footing in the world of online advertising.


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